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Three keywords: look at the development of China's home appliance parts supply chain

Three keywords: look at the development of China's home appliance parts supply chain

  • Time of issue:2020-09-17

Three keywords: look at the development of China's home appliance parts supply chain

The first key word: confidence

[Moderator: Chen Fanggui] Regarding confidence, do we insist on being an enterprise, an industry, diversified development, or entering other fields?

[Keri Ultrasound: Ye Weizhong] We are in industry, so we talk about industry. As an accessory company, it is first of all very vital, because the manufacturing flood did not wash us away or freeze to death. Even if you have confidence, you will be affected somewhat. We make accessories like supporting roles in movies. They are not as handsome as the protagonist, and their appearance is not that high, but our acting skills are better than them. If our acting skills are not as good as them, then the next movie won't be our business. In my opinion, we must truly do the core components for the complete machine enterprise. If we fail to do this, we will be very dangerous in the future.

[Ride Intelligent: Fang Hua] We still have confidence in future home appliances. In the future of an enterprise, its sustainable development must focus on the development of smart products. The first thing to do is to strengthen the company's products and services. Why do you say that? Let me talk about more intelligent concepts. As the core component of smart home appliances, we play an important role in realizing the interconnection between things. As an upstream enterprise of smart home appliances, we are confident in this industry.

[HC: Yu Zhiguo] As Mr. Ye said, we are all great, we have lived to this day, but this is the actual situation. I want to do a survey. How many of the accessories bosses here have been run by? A large piece. This is the status quo of the industry. What should we do when faced with such a problem? If our industry can be benign, you give cash and I ship the goods. I will invest the funds in research and development and in the technology of accessories. The same is true for our finished product manufacturers. If parts companies can develop cutting-edge high-tech and keep up with international standards, I believe they are also willing to find parts with cash.

[Electrical Accessories Standards Committee: Liu Bo] It is very difficult to make spare parts. The first few years have been winter, and it has not snowed yet. It may snow this year, and the situation is very serious. The product must have its own core technology, which is the key. I must wait for others to give cash before I give the goods, because my technology is unique in the world. In addition to technology, quality is also key. We must pay attention to the laws and regulations of various countries, and we must make our products comply with international standards.

[Kaipu Electric: Zou Jianhua] 60% of Cape Electric's products are exported. Among the most basic things abroad, safety comes first. I think safety is the most important thing. The problem of safety cannot be solved. Everything is a cloud. For those who really do business, the future is better. I think we have to concentrate on making products. The Internet will always be a tool for us to do business and products, and we must not let it disrupt our own mentality.

[Dongling Power: He Xiaobo] I have personally felt that before cooperating with a complete machine factory, our parts companies must first select. Household appliances have a life cycle, generally around five years, and they are updated, not to mention. Household appliances are the necessities of our lives. This is the confidence of being a householder. There are no non-profitable industries, only non-profitable companies. Crisis, dangers are organic, and the waves are scouring the sand.

The second keyword: Internet+

[Moderator: Chen Fanggui] "Internet+" Under this situation, China's home appliances have been developed for more than 30 years, and they are now very fat. How do we turn it from fat to powerful? Distinguished guests, talk about the home appliance industry under the Internet+.

[Dongling Power: He Xiaobo] Internet + is the future development trend, but Internet + is not omnipotent, the best is the best. The global industrial competition landscape is undergoing major changes. This is an era of destruction, an era of cross-border strikes, and an era in which you cannot fight back. If you wake up too slowly, don't wake up at all. This is not because your opponent is very strong, but when you don't know who your opponent is.

[Cape Electric: Zou Jianhua] For us, the Internet has long been deeply involved in the entire system of R&D, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales. Although Internet+ is a good thing, it is always a tool. What I want to say to you is that we have to make our own products carefully, and this is the best.

[Electrical Accessories Standards Committee: Liu Bo] Internet + For the accessories industry, we use it from two aspects. One is that the Internet can quickly transmit information to all parts of the world, and it can also attract attention in a short time. In addition, we also need to provide technical support for the accessories industry via Internet +. First of all, we must have network, server, and wifi equipment.

[HC: Yu Zhiguo] Although I am not particularly in favor of Zou's saying that the Internet is just a tool, of course, the Internet was a tool in the past. But later, the Internet is thinking, fast and extreme. Some time ago, the CEO of YY said that the Internet is not only a kind of thinking, but a kind of power. Of course, as a business, it cares more about how much money you have to run the business. Now Internet finance can quickly solve the corporate funding problem. In addition, the O2O model, including the supply chain model, can show people's trust through data through the information flow of the Internet and the big data at the transaction level, which can have a great effect.

[Ride Intelligent: Fang Hua] What is Internet+? In 2014, the entire industry has undergone earth-shaking changes. The landmark event was the acquisition of a sensor company by Google for US$3.4 billion. There is one biggest change in 2015, which we call the arrival of the Internet. In terms of the competition factors of the industry, before 2015, it was only doing large-scale marketing, but since 2015, changes have taken place, that is, the changes in the competition factors, effective markets, precise customers, and big data. No matter how the Internet+ develops, it must return to the value of the industry. When it returned to the Industrial Internet, there were four key points: value innovation, product first, service king, and symbiotic economy. If we make the product well, someone will connect with you.

[Keri Ultrasound: Ye Weizhong] Use the Internet to transport our brand to the industry as soon as possible. If the accessory companies present here have new technologies to be released, the transmission rate will be higher through the Internet. Using the Internet, can we build an internal blacklist, and colleagues in the front will fall into this trap, and we can stop it in the future. Using the Internet, I now consider using every product as an ID card, quality traceability, and intellectual property forensics, which is still a little helpful to protect ourselves.

The third key word: supply chain

[Moderator: Chen Fanggui] Before discussing the third topic, I will share a small case with you. When I visited a company some time ago, this company has annual sales of 300 million yuan, which is a good company. The person in charge of the enterprise shared with me one thing. He also bought the IH rice cooker in Japan and dismantled it. After dismantling, he learned about these related parts suppliers in the parts industry. He said to me: "According to The R&D strength of Chinese accessory companies, China is fully capable of technological surpassing, at least equivalent to the ability of Japan's IH rice cooker. "But can our rice cookers be like Japan? Even if it can be done, can our sales exceed it? What does this indicate? This issue is the third word we want to discuss, which is "supply chain."

[Dongling Power: He Xiaobo] That is the arrival of the industry 4.0 era. As a purchaser, I will choose good quality, low price, and high technical performance. I must protect the interests of the enterprise. In the age of Industry 4.0, foreign countries are networked and intelligent. In this era, if you want a sudden emergence, you need innovation. Committed to developing one's own high-tech enterprises, reducing costs from their own management and production processes, this is profit. From the perspective of procurement, raw materials are transparent, sales are transparent, and the only thing is management + quality.

[Cape Electric: Zou Jianhua] Mr. He just talked very well, but the topic of supply chain is very big. Among the basic components, Germany and Japan do the best in the world. Why they do well lies in their supply chain management. The "price-one-vote veto system" is adopted when Chinese companies bid for tenders. In fact, in terms of bidding, many costs are also considered, but you only consider material costs and there are many indirect costs. Have you considered? In the environment of China, it is rare to achieve centralized procurement. (It's harsher for Mr. He to sit next to him) But the market environment is like this.

[Electrical Accessories Standards Committee: Liu Bo] Some products are quite intelligent, but they can only guarantee the most sold products. For other products, there may be problems with input and output, and it is impossible for all production lines to be intelligent. When it comes to supply chain, parts are a link in the supply chain. Let's not talk about the requirements of the whole machine. When we make accessories ourselves, we also need a lot of materials, including raw materials and other accessories. We also need an existing chain to support the production of our accessories. Mr. Zou just talked about the situation, especially the large area of ​​spare parts factories, and the supply chain control is really loose.

[HC: Yu Zhiguo] I don't have much say in the topic of supply chain. I have been in the home appliance industry for almost 16 years. The companies I have seen that survive well must be those companies that pursue high product quality. If you only take care of your immediate interests, the path can only be narrower and narrower. Now that Industry 4.0 is emerging, big brands, including many companies, have strict requirements on their own supply chain, including our own accessories and other high-quality raw materials.

[Ride Intelligence: Fang Hua] Industry 4.0 is nothing more than intelligent manufacturing, with our information, network technology, and industrial upgrading and transformation. We are making smart home appliance control panels. Our industry is a bit early to talk about Industry 4.0. We have just turned from labor-intensive to machine-intensive. In the context of the coming of Industry 4.0, enterprises should transform from production-oriented manufacturing to intelligent and service-oriented manufacturing. We must understand suppliers and the entire industry chain.


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